random graphics and art

I'll put any random Cementimental artwork/graphix/flyers/albumcovers etc here...
Dr. Age can't play guitar:

Poster for what turned out to be our most notorious and theatrical gig yet!:

Cover for recording of Cementimental performance at NGP #15:

Real covers for imaginary Cementimental albums, by the legendary Rain Rien!:

Thousands of Billions of You Knits
have been ordered.
while Other Artist go Platinum
Cementimental goes straight to Concrete!

These may be heard on baby spam radio
if the baby spam radio kidnapster is
taking a nap.

(More emailart to and from Rain here)

NOTE: The Rain Rien covers are for fictional recordings. When they become real and/or downloadable I may add higer-rez versions for your printing pleasure, (as if you actually want to!)

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