Cementimental lineup

Dr. Age

Founder of Cementimental,
Circuit-bender, Noisician

  1. boisterous televisions and finalities
  2. weary equalities inside of aromas
  3. cancerous dark entries on top of bittersweet equalities
  4. offensive old potatoes and zebras
  5. gentle demeanor
  6. a psychiatrist pepper
  7. commotions
  8. enticing shrieks of yarns
  9. candors and egotisms
  10. more precarious than decay
Mrs Columbo


Mrs. Columbo was born a member of the New York Institute For The Investigation Of Rolling Sphereoids. However this got boring so he practised really hard to be an international champion of, like karate and fighting.

All went well for five years until Mrs. Columbo got a really nasty chop upside the head during a fight with some communist ninjas. The blow caused a near fatal anuerism in his brain. He survived but with the ability to channel the dead whilst on stage. Unfortunately all the dead want to do is scream incoherently, making a racket all are generally happy with.

Mrs. Columbo wakes up in the night, forehead sweating, eyes staring and screaming.

Sir Concord Discount

Rock Goblin

Concord was made out of steel by Isambard Kingdom Brunel back in Victorian Britain, but he was abandoned on mars during Brunel's secret iron space balloon mission.

More recently Dr. Age went on a quest to recover a diary full of old stories and stuff that his father had written, but what was stolen by the Nazi's in world war two. In this book Dr. Age learnt of the steel man abandoned on mars and beamed him back down using the power of love.

Discount discovered that aliens had taught him to play some instruments whilst he had been buried in martian dust, so he joined Cementimental and they all totally rocked AND styled forever.

The end.


Guitars, Angelic Paintings

Murray the Eel

Additional Additions

New Guinea, spawning season, 1857 - Out from the mire crawled this beguiling example of pseudopoly! Slowly he waited for the year 2003, then went about pestering the unfortuntes attending Cemetimental gigs with his oily tales of dating woe.

No tardy gent is this; Murray the Eel is a keen wrestler and likes to assume human form.

DJ Chopstix

Occasional Turntablism

Plus various other people.