Here are Cementimental's CDR releases to date. 'Release' is probably too strong a word for most of them, but one way or another they can be obtained! This page is a shambles, will sort out soon!

Releases currently avaliable:
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Several more recordings are currently in the works and should be avaliable very soon. This page is total mess and i will sort out soon. For now I'm just listing everything before i forget I released it. If you'd be interested in releasing Cementimental material in any form then please get in touch.


Recent releases, more info on these soon.


Affordable Zone Spawn

C60 cassette of circuit-bent noise, with artwork by

Avaliable from BT Recordings!

image and more info soon.


Split harsh noise cassette with Nkondi, released by and avaliable from

Read a somewhat lukewarm review at! :)

image and more info soon.

Merlin's Transmitting Truck

demands the patience of a saint to sit through it all in one sitting -

New album of Noise, circuit-bending and experimental/silly instrumental hip-hop.
read a review here!

Listen to previews and buy online at the Cementimental store at
Only $8.50
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  1. NES-hop (feat. DJ Chopstix)
  2. Giant Looming Head of the Gay Zombie Pirate
  3. My Monkey Gets Me Blues
  4. Sanatorium Go-Kart
  5. Voicechanger Noise
  6. Glorious Ghost Forehead
  7. Circuit-bent Drum Machine Noise
  8. Shrink Think Wink Stink
  9. Sound of the Moon Defense
  10. Speak & Noise
  11. DirgeBoy
  12. Benevolant Vampirism
  13. Pure and Fresh Machine
  14. Kiss of the Foo-Dog Elbow

Please note, this release is an expanded + updated version of the previous EP of the same name, which was released on a CDR label that soon dissapeared. (Not our fault, honest!) Why i mention this I'm not sure, as I believe literally only one copy of the EP version was even ever sold. but there you go.

He's the candle man, who can easily control the beeswax in his body.

click for large image of the unfolded cover artwork

Solo noise album by Dr. Age. My most genre 'noise' release so far. 10 tracks of distorted, rumbling, cruchy analogue noisescapes. Recorded using borrowed 4-track, circuit-bent devices, field recordings (from Port Eynon, Wales,) delay, distortion, feedback, more distortion.

As a reaction against the ongoing struggle with flimsy jewel cases and contrary inkject printers, this release is packaged in an origami sleve with 2-colour photocopy collage in a surrealist/mail art/punk stylee. Click the above image to see the full unfolded design.

This CD has now been web-released by Biv0uac and thus can now be freely downloaded in OGG audio format here on, or on P2P networks.

  1. A Gangplank Tongue
  2. Mmmmm Slaves for Ms. Wijeh
  3. Mazes with Avaliable Autobiographies
  4. An Awkward-Appreciative Baboon-Astronaut
  5. The Vase Bus
  6. Chores and Bitter Aversions
  7. Displeasing Insects
  8. An Explosion Psychiatrist
  9. Chimpanzees from Philosophers
  10. Tastier than Freedom

Soon - Sad Child No Face

Our forthcoming album! Visit the mini-site for full info and free preview MP3s.

Read a perplexed review by BBC Radio 1's Evening Session Wales HERE :) Please leave silly comments there!

(Please contact me directly to buy/trade this (or any other) CD, or you can usually
buy it on ebay uk for 3 + p+p. If you're in the US, it might be easier to get it from Noisick Records along with various other noise/grindcore/punk/crazy stuff!)

Marklamarrmalarky consists mostly of quite epic + deranged noise tracks and sound collages recorded using circuit-bent devices, distortion, feedback, digital and tape-loop delay, etc. Occasionally there's a short track recorded via the wonderful silophone.
Track titles are descriptions of surrealist objects from a random text project I'm currently working on.
WARNING: This CD has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with a certain popular 50's throwback.

  1. A varnished humus clothes peg and at least one fossilised soft cheese dog
  2. A camoflage pair of pants with a picture of Mamoru Oshii on the front and a colour photo of Michael Jackson on the back.
  3. A beige t-shirt with an accurate textual description of a nose on the front.
  4. A hairy milk chair with a ceramic hat.
  5. A hot padlock immersed in milk and a record in a potato sack
  6. A traffic cone full of zinc
  7. A pint glass full of meat (download mp3 here)
  8. A broken chocolate super-8 camera at the back of a rough clingfilm riot shield.
  9. An electrified fat carving of a buzzard small enough to fit in a paper cone.
  10. A flattened flannel skull under a fimo revolver.
  11. A 112 cm long flourescent yellow and dark green striped scarf with "low resolution black and white bitmap image" written on it.
  12. 35 liters of corned beef laminated with gold
  13. 17 grammes of pewter, a branch coated with wax and a 127 cm long flourescent yellow and camoflage striped scarf with "hope" written on it.
  14. A matte black magnetic flute.

Confusable Electricity

Listen to preview and buy online at the Cementimental store at
Only $7.00
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High-concept, low listenability! 9 noisy and minimalist tracks recorded live using 'no input mixing' techniques: Various cheap & nasty home video audio mixers were plugged into themselves, outputs to inputs. This caused a surprising array of ugly synthy feedback noises, all highly manipulatable, mostly highly painful. No other sound source was used. Distortion/heavymetal pedals were incorporated in the feedback loops in some tracks, but otherwise no effects or editing was involved. Try it yourself some time, your attempts will probably be better than mine, or at least shorter.

This CD is probably best listened to very loud, but from a long long way away.

Click on the cover image to see full back + front cover.

  1. 07:50 first attempt
  2. 11:42 too long
  3. 10:16 ambient bassy
  4. 08:11 pan sonic it ain't
  5. 03:14 something
  6. 11:23 merzbow it aint
  7. 09:26 bleepy
  8. 05:51 shreddies
  9. 01:15 using only the minidisk recorder.

Untitled compilation
A 80 min CD with WAY too many tracks, which I've been sending out to various people. A pretty comprehensive overview of Cementimental and all side projects as of spring 2003! No cover, no title just the tracklist printed on a paper sleave. I won't bother listing the tracks here... there are too many, plus some tracks don't even really have titles. And it changes sometimes.

Cementimentals Slammy CD Shammie
Selection 'from the pre-musical era' of Cementimental, 2000-02. Anti-music, anti-graphics... some really foolish early tracks! Cover design and title by mail artist Rain Rien.
  1. intro - 0.03
    cheef keef + who's army
  2. Christmas lullaby - 4.36
    cementimental live in swansea 10/12/01
  3. drunk demo - 0.29
    circuitbent yamaha keyboard
  4. gale - 1.57
    circuitbent voicechanger
  5. grassjelly - 2.21
    no-fi sampler chaos
  6. icecream Vs Kamen Rider - 3.32,
    seems longer! dual toy sampler dual
  7. Nuclear Elf Scandal - 1.06
    my NES died to bring you this tune
  8. icebreaker - 1.29
    voicechanger with no voice
  9. slinky noise - 3.44
    slinky, piezo, distortion, you could do better.
  10. splish - 0.40
    name that tune, please don't name your reaction to it.
  11. waste - 1.02
    found sound and noises for A1 waste paper co.
  12. scampiscape - 5.42
    bent walkietalkie rocks a stadium
  13. monkeymanmachine - 0.29
    tony VS Robotony. Uncanny.
  14. where no man has wanted to go before - 1.44
    inexcusable, and includes too many in-jokes
  15. beaver song - 1.32
  16. at11
    my mac made this track all on it's own! - 2.00
  17. over 7 minutes of slightly tedious noise created only
    with gameboy camera and distortion - 7.39
    well, I enjoyed recording it.
  18. I don't like the word 'outro' - 0.05

More soon
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