Speak & Pixel

Here are some Mac + windows icons I made, depicting the legendary Texas Instruments Speak & Whatever range, popular amongst 80's nostalgists, circuit benders and ExtraTerrestrials alike.

There are a few obscure models I've not included, and of course I could make more isometric versions, but all that will have to wait until my eyes recover from staring at little coloured squares! Please email me with any suggestions or comments.

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download Mac icons (12k .sit file)

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download PC icons (12k .zip file)

List view:

Please feel free to distribute these icons, but keep them together, unaltered and with the readme text. If you host them on a website you must email to let me know, as well as crediting me and linking to my site(s). If you'd like to include them on a magazine cover disk or similar please let me know and we'll sort something out.

The icons are intended for personal GUI-customising use only. Do not use as web graphics, in software, or any kind of commercial project without my express permission. (Which i'll probably give you if you ask nicely.) Thanks.

Thanks to these for inspiration and resources:

All pixels pushed by Tim Drage. Tim Drage/Cementimental 2003

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