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Updated at long last 4th Oct 2005!
Please email me with any links you think I should add.

If you've come straight to this page from an outside link or search engine, you might like to take a look at Cementimental's own noise + circuit-bending projects before leaving this site!

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Info from/about Q. R. Ghazala, circuit-bending pioneer!

discussion groups and communities
circuit-bending bands, artists' sites and resources
in no particular order
commerzial sites
Please note I have not purchased circuit-bent instruments/devices from any of these sources (or anyone else for that matter!), and thus cannot endorse them! But I'm sure they're all lovely.
Do take a look even if you don't wanna buy things though, there's some very inspiring stuff on these sites!

art/music technology blogs + news
(I hate the word 'blog')

various experimental/underground/noise music resources & organisations record labels, & distros other experimental/oddmusical instrument-makers and electronics artists other bands/musicians/artists web radio
Please note I'm not at all interested in listing sensible experimental/electronic/alternative music radio stations here; rather I prefer totally obscure/scientific/nonmusical/weird-genre-specific streams! Please let me know if you find any good ones.
noisy free/shareware software
Mostly for Mac coz that's what i use

Please email me if you spot any broken links, or have a site you'd like listed here. I'm trying expecially to have as comprehensive list of circuitbending sites as is humanly possible; "Enough links about circuit-bending to choke a horse" to quote one Tony Mason! :)

Any and all links to my site much appreciated, thanks! (I'd prefer though if you'd link to the main page - www.cementimental.com - rather than subpages like this one.)

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unrelated things i like

Time Cube

Harry Stephen Keeler
Legendary early 20th century mystery writer recently rediscovered. His writing is totally insane and amazing. I can't begin to describe, just check out these links to find out more and read his books:

link graveyard!
Entropy strikes! The following pages seem to have dissappeared. Please do let me know if you find alternative/new sites for any of them.

If you really want to see what was on any of these sites you could try pasting the URL into the Wayback Machine to access any existing archive of the pages.

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